Addicted to Love




Addicted to Love, Camp Penfield Allstars

We made four music videos with Ray Penfield when he was in his 90's. In each of them, we were all in the recording studio for vocals, ukuleles and other music

Ray was my father's best friend - they met when they worked together in Chicago in 1948 Our families are best friends too


Get Lucky, Camp Penfield Allstars

Ray recorded the vocals in the studio at age 98, but passed away before we could make the film. So all of his friends got together to participate in this homage to the man we adored

I put this video together using Adobe Premiere Pro, a true labor of love











Dreams for Two

This is Ray's own song, music written by Ian Ritchie, about the woman he was in love with

I also did this in Adobe Premiere Pro -- inspired by the 2012 British group Sam and the Womp's wild, pop video Bom Bom. It's kind of a jumbled mess visually, but fun! Holly and Ray sent me their clips from London, mine were filmed here in California.


A Paradise 2 Be

This is another of Ray's songs about the woman he loved, music written by Ian Ritchie

We recorded this in the studio in London, and filmed it in Holly and Ian's backyard there


Life Story, by Joyce Grenfell

Joyce Grenfell (1910-1979) was one of Britain's best-loved entertainers. She achieved success as a writer, comedienne and performer of songs and monologues on stage and radio at a time when it was unusual for a woman of her background to work at all

This is one of my favorites of her many recorded monologues - here, the widow of a celebrated pianist learns about her husband

I Went to a Marvelous Party, by Noel Coward

Noel Coward often vacationed on the French Riveria with his chums, and wrote this delightful ditty about a party they attended in Cap Ferrat in 1938. British comedienne Beatrice Lillie was there, and recorded her interpretion of his monologue -- the party with its cast of kooky characters -- a version which I prefer to Coward's!



Ode to an Alcoholic

Ladies, you've all had one like this in your life ... the perfect guy ... except you're already taken, and he's a drunk, for god's sake

This is my poem, alternatively titled, If I Were Single and You Were Sober.



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